Exhibitior’s Manual

Exhibitor’s Guidelines and Information


Ordering Eequipment & Services


Tips & Recommendations


Services & Suppliers


הנחיות ומידע למציג

General Instructions for an Exhibitor

A. Schedules and procedures

B. Exhibit areas

C. General instructions

D. Safety instructions

E. Extra services

Guidelines for occupational safety supervisors for contractors / suppliers  Details and guidelines of an occupational safety officer
Parking arrangements  Parking arrangements
Terms of participation in the exhibition  Terms of participation for the exhibitor

Ordering equipment and services for the exhibitor

 Order a caption for signage Form No. 1 – Details for ordering a caption for a modularly built pavilion only
Publication in the exhibition catalog Form No.  2 – Company details for publication in the exhibition catalog
Power order Form No. 3 – Details for ordering electricity
Order electricity overnight Form No. 4 – Details for ordering electricity overnight
Ordering electricity for outdoor areas, lighting in Pavilion 1 and hanging services Form No. 5 – Details for ordering electricity for outdoor areas, lighting in Pavilion 1 and hanging services
Ordering furniture Form No. 6 – Details for ordering furniture
Furniture and decoration Furniture and decoration pictures
Ordering communication lines for details and orders:
Tel Aviv Expo – Morag, +972-52-3611641
David Intercontinental Hotel – Amit, +972-52-5550567
Ordering plumbing services Form No. 7 – Details for ordering plumbing services – water point, sink and drainage
Compressed air order Form No. 8 – Details for ordering compressed air
Details of a design company Form No. 10 – Reporting form in the details of the design company (display area without construction)
Application to join the VIP Club Form No. 11 – Application to join the board of directors of the Shtir Group
Ordering a construction engineer inspection Form No. 12 – Details for ordering a construction engineer inspection
PR Form No. 13 – Details for ordering public relations
Warning – deception exercises and inquiries from companies Warning letter – deception exercises and inquiries from advertising companies from abroad
Offering digital catalog advertising for a fee

הנחיות ומידע למציג

Ordering equipment and services for the exhibitor

Warning – deception exercises and inquiries from companies

Warning letter – deception exercises and inquiries from advertising companies from abroad that offer advertising in a digital catalog for a fee

Tips and recommendations for getting ready for a successful exhibition

Plan Your Booth:
Define and plan wisely the size of the pavilion in relation to your needs in the exhibition. Do you need a warehouse and what amount of equipment and furniture do you need, such as counters, seating areas, shelves, imaging and promotional equipment, a promotional video, business cards, catalogs and demonstration products.
It must be ensured that the plan of the planned pavilion is in accordance with the size of the area ordered, the height limits and meets the building rules in the exhibitions,
Pavilion facades are open to public passages, etc.
Ordering equipment and services – all equipment required for the exhibition, furniture, electrical points, washing lighting, must be ordered in advance.
24-hour electricity, water, draining, compressed air, communication etc.


Design Your Booth:
Design a booth that will present your branding in an attractive and inviting way as well as convey targeted marketing messages.
Highlight the flagship products or launch a new product during the show.

The display pavilion space should be inviting and allows easy and direct access between the visitors and the sales people in the pavilion.
Choosing a pavilion designer – it is recommended to work with reputable designers who provide design simulations for illustration, graphic design service
And are directly responsible for carrying out the construction work for the construction of the pavilion in its entirety.

Serving light refreshments, snacks and sweets will keep visitors entertained and allow marketers to take advantage of the waiting time for an introductory call for promotional purposes.
Food and drink at the exhibition – Exhibitors who wish to serve food and drink refreshments (sandwiches / beer from the keg, etc.) are required to place an order in advance through the fairgrounds franchisees provided.

Experiential experience:
It is recommended to offer visitors an experiential experience as far as possible of the products or services, as well as to take care of promotional products that will include the logo and ways of contact. It is important that the products be useful and simple and that they ensure long-term exposure and publicity.

The staff at the Booth:
The staff you place in the pavilion must be the most skilled staff both in providing the information about the products or services and in the ability to make connections.
Have a team of people to help you set up, operate and dismantle the exhibition. Define roles for each day of the show, such as handing out flyers, handling customers,
Lead documentation Documentation of gifts / samples, etc.
Make sure your booth is staffed at all hours of the show. Leaving the pavilion and leaving it unmanned creates the impression that the pavilion
Unattractive and alienates customers.

Advertising materials:
Leaflets and flyers – Make sure that the printed material is accurately legible and with clear messages, it is desirable that the graphics in the pavilion and the graphics in the advertising material are the same in order to create continuity of customer experience.

Care must be taken to adhere to the schedules as published in the presenter’s guide prior to each exhibition:
A. Construction days and construction hours (construction of the pavilion through the design companies)
B. Organizing days (organizing exhibitors in the exhibition booths)
C. Disassembly procedures for displays and pavilions

Compliance with safety procedures at exhibitions and work safety procedures (work clothes, work permits at height, etc.) must be observed.

Construction Engineer:
A construction engineer inspection must be ordered in advance to check the stability of the Booth.

It is recommended to insure equipment located in the exhibition area through your insurance agent.


Services and suppliers for exhibitors

New-line exhibitions
New Line specializes in the design and construction of pavilions for exhibitions and conferences. We provide exhibitors and organizers with pavilion construction in modular and carpentry systems, lighting and electrical, three-dimensional design and graphic design. We are located at the Tel Aviv Expo (offices, workshop and warehouses) and we work nationwide.
Tel: 03-6439330, Fax: 03-6439368, Email: Daniel@newline-il.co.il, Website: www.newline-il.co.il.

Doron Computer and Video Visualization
The company offers exhibitors at the exhibition walls video wall 2X2 Simles at attractive prices, LED screens SONY BRAVYA and SAMSUNG in FULL HD resolution and in a selection of sizes. Doron Computer and Video Radiation is a leader in the field of advanced multimedia solutions, computer screenings, video and video art in exhibitions, conferences, professional events, seminars, cultural and entertainment events, art exhibitions and more, for over 30 years.
Tel: 03-6413636, Ruth: 050-4900107, Fax: 03-6416161, Email: doron@doronscreen.co.il, Website: www.doronscreen.co.il.

B. Safe Engineering Ltd.
B-Safe has been operating since 2010 and specializes in providing safety services for buildings, mass events, festivals, exhibitions, conferences and events. Performs safety work, writing safety files and preparing safety plans, along with providing comprehensive advice and guidance in the field.
Tel: 03-5325575, Cell-Sharon: 050-5106060, Fax: 03-7449398, Email: sharon@b-safe.org.

Customs Broker Amit
Amit Group is one of the leading companies in providing logistics services for foreign trade (import and export).
The group offers the full range of services to the exporter and importer: customs brokerage services, international transportation – by air, sea and land, international couriers, marine and air insurance, and an interactive interface on the company’s website.
Contact: Judith Hazan Bargel, Tel: 03-9720101, Cell: 054-5616612, Email: YEHUDIT@amit.co.il, Website: www.amit.co.il

The Fattal hotel chain offers Shtir Group customers, exhibitors and visitors, accommodation during its exhibitions at attractive and special prices. You can book from the chain’s selection of hotels in Tel Aviv: Leonardo Boutique Hotel, NYX Hotel, Rostilde 22 Hotel, Herods Hotel, Leonardo Beach Hotel, Leonardo Art Hotel, Leonardo City Tower Hotel.
For reservations and more details: Nurit Cohen, Tel: 03-6213322, Email: Execlub@fattal.co.il, Website: www.fattal.co.il

Atlas Hotels
The Atlas Hotels chain offers Shtir Group customers, exhibitors and visitors, accommodation during its exhibitions at attractive and special prices. You can book from the chain’s selection of hotels in Tel Aviv: Fabric Hotel, Hotel 65, Artist Hotel, Shalom & Relax Hotel, Tal Hotel, Sea Hotel, Melody Hotel, Market House Hotel, Center Chic Hotel, Cinema Hotel, Sdot Hotel.
For reservations and more details: Noa Adurem, Tel: 03-5425579, Email: noa@atlashotels.co.il, Website: www.atlas.co.il