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Introducing medical technology, a startup competition and more: Israel’s big biomed conference returns to Jerusalem

The conference will be held at the nation’s buildings, between November 9 and 10, and will focus on presenting groundbreaking Israeli technologies and tomorrow’s medicine, starting with innovative drugs and through hospital technologies.

Posted on: 6.7.22 12:55
By: "The whole city" system

The MIXiii conference, the largest biomedicine event in Israel held in recent years, will take place again in Jerusalem on November 9-10, 2022. The conference organized by the IATI organization, chaired by the union’s CEO and president Karin Meir Rubinstein and conference chairman Yaakov Michlin and in collaboration with the Jerusalem Development Authority, the Jerusalem and Heritage Ministry, the Jerusalem Municipality, the Innovation Authority and broad support . This year the conference, which will be produced for the first time by the Shtir Group, will be held at the Nation Buildings.

“Kol Ha’ir” was told that the conference in its new format was created by and for the Israeli biomed industry, in collaboration with a large number of Israeli health-tech companies. Home monitoring and care capabilities. “

It was also stated that “the conference will be attended by leading speakers from around the world and from Israel and will hold in-depth discussions about the future of these fields in Israel and around the world while emphasizing the benefits and challenges in the Israeli life sciences industry.” The conference is chaired by Yaakov Michlin, CEO of Biolight.

It should be noted that the Israeli Association of Advanced Industries, IATI, is the umbrella organization of the life sciences, high-tech, and other advanced industries in Israel, which includes hundreds of members from all corners of the industry, including venture capital funds, development centers of multinational companies operating in Israel. , Start-ups, commercial companies, universities and hospitals, innovation centers, municipalities, service providers and more.